Pay Per Sign Up Programs

Unfortunately we haven’t had a good run with these since we launched. Seems they work fine while there’s only a few referrals here and there, but as soon as anyone starts working it, they shut it down. Disappointing, but not totally surprising…

So right now, we’ve put a hold on three programs:

US Largest Safelist and Worlds Largest Safelist both appear to have deleted some EzHitzs member accounts entirely. I’ve emailed the Admin twice now, no response, so it’s not looking good. New Members should use the skip option to get set up.

Funnel X Advance has also failed to deliver. I’ve had no referrals show up in my stats since we launched EzHitzs, and a  number of our Members have also been sure they sent multiple qualified leads that weren’t paid. I tried contacting that guy as well, but after an initial non-answer response it’s been total silence to my follow up emails.

Moving forward, I really would like to have some of these programs available as part of our package.

There are a lot of people who simply do not have spare cash to get started, so anything we can generate within the program can make a huge difference.

So we’ll keep looking fro some replacement options. If you come across anything in your travels that looks like it might fit the bill, please do let me know. What we’re looking for is a few good traffic or advertising sites that are free to join and pay a small commission when you referrer free signups.

If we can find a few, this time around I’ll contact the owners first and let them know what we’re doing and what sort of numbers they can expect, and see if we can get some sort of commitment from them. Who knows, we might even be able to get a special offer on the backend upgrade, to make it a win-win for us and them…

For now, keep your eye out for anything suitable and if you find anything, send me your own affiliate link… and if it works out, you could end up with the entire EzHitzs network in your own downline!

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