Our Traffic Co-ops are Live!

Our Traffic Co-ops are set up to detect all visitor traffic that comes in without a referrer ID, and assign one randomly from one of our two pools of qualified Members.

Pool One is all new Members who have qualified and don’t yet have three referrals in their CCC downline.

Pool Two is all other Members who have qualified and have more than three in their downline.

Traffic is divided 50/50 between the two pools.

So over time Pool One will usually have less people in it, so it should benefit the newer Members slightly more… to get them up and running ASAP… but we’ll still be supporting a larger number of longer serving Members through Pool Two.

The requirements to qualify are pretty simple

Set up your account and demonstrate that you’re prepared to help yourself!

1. You need to sign up to all Essentials and Buy-Now programs.

We’ll give you some leeway on the Watchlist since we’re adding to it all the time, but you MUST have the first two sections complete. (You SHOULD sign up for the Watchlist as well just so you don’t miss any referrals!)

2. Then just send 1000 hits to your pages to show us you’re serious and we’ll add your pages to our rotators.

3. Send at least 1000 hits a month after that to stay active.

Remember, these traffic co-ops are largely funded by your membership payments, so as we grow, we’ll have even more to spend on advertising… so we’ll make it worth your while to stay focused and keep on promoting.

We’re already starting to send a lot of traffic through our Co-op pages, so make sure you qualify!

There’s a lot of people looking for work-from-home options right now, so we’re starting to see some big increases in traffic numbers and increased signups as a result… make sure you’re not missing out!

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