Need Banners? Check Your Bonuses!

You have the option to upload a Banner for each of your AdBoards, so your Advertisers can grab the code and link back to your site.

This is super important!

When they post a banner link like this it will be more or less permanent… sending YOU traffic… long after the Advertiser has moved on to other things. So you really want to make it easy and attractive for them.

At a pinch you might be able to use some of our AdCardz banners… check the Affiliates Tools page here… but most people will do a whole lot better with a customer Ad Banner designed to match the style and content of their AdBoard.

With this in mind, we’ve added links to a couple of free Banner Makers to the Resources => Bonuses section of your Member’s Area.  You can use their templates to knock-out something fairly basic quite quickly, or you can start from scratch and get a bit more creative if you prefer.

Alternatively, you can find someone on Fiverr to make some banners for you for a very low price… they won’t be anything special for the price you pay there, but matching it to your site is probably more important than creating cutting-edge designs.

If you have multiple AdBoards, it might seem link a lot of trouble to create a unique banner for each, but in the long term it will pay off big time… 10-15 minutes of work for a lifeyime of traffic. That’s a great deal in my book!

Right now most AdCardz Members DO NOT have banners available, so if you are one of those people then you are missing out.

Your Advertisers will use them if you take the time to upload something, so make sure you have something there ASAP!

Banners do get a bad rap sometimes because they don’t get a lot of clicks anymore, but what people miss is, the clicks you do get are very high value! People clicking banners are doing so because you’ve got their attention… they want to know more.

You won’t get a better prospect than that!

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