Missing Payment Preferences

One thing we did notice when importing everyone’s data to the new system, was that several people had no payment options set up at all. This means any of your visitors who try to create a paid AdCard will be getting stuck… unable to pay, so unable to complete the process. This hurts everyone here so we need to correct it ASAP.

We’ve already modified the AdBoard Creation process, so that new AdBoards can’t be created until you save at least one payment option, but that doesn’t help those people landing on older AdBoards that were created before we implemented that requirement.

So from now on, if no payment option is set on any existing AdBoard, the system will automatically enable the DFY Stripe Payments option. We will offer that payment option and collect the payment on your behalf… and the funds will be available to you via the payout system.

If you don’t want that to happen ,please make sure you have at least one other Payment Option enabled in your account!

This will only affect a few people, but everyone should check their accounts to be safe.  We’ve been updating the entire checkout process to incorporate the DFY Stripe Option, so these changes will be taking effect very soon.

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