How To Drive Traffic To A New Website – 3 Strategies

Getting traffic to your website is hard. With so much stuff out there, how can you stand out and get people to see you? Twenty Over Ten, CMO Samantha Russell shares three key strategies that you can use to get more visitors to your site. 

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How do I drive more traffic to my website? That is a tough question that we get every week here at Twenty Over Ten. I’m Samantha Russell, and today I’m going to share with you three easy strategies that you can use to help get more visitors landing on your site.

Tip #1: Interview People In Your Industry

So my first tip, tip number one, is to reach out and interview others in your industry, in your local community and do an interview with them on your blog and ask them questions that are interesting to you that you think that other people might also want to know the answers to. I ideally suggest you look for someone who’s active on social media – who’s got a pretty good following of their own. And you would be so surprised by how many people would be absolutely flattered and welcome the chance to have you interview them.

Even if your website isn’t getting a lot of traffic and you’re not well-known, people love to be interviewed. It’s flattering when someone asks us to be interviewed and so, often, they will say yes. So the reason that this is a great strategy is because if they already have a good following themselves on social media and have a high traffic website or blog, when you go ahead and let them know “Hey, I got that interview that I did with you up on my website or my blog if you want to share it on social media.” I bet you about 7 out of 10 times, they will share it with their followers as well right. So this is a great way to build backlinks and to get your website in front of people who never heard of it before.

Tip #2: Answer Queries And Requests From Reporters

Tip number two- answer queries and requests from reporters. If you aren’t getting any of those requests at all yet, you can sign up for something called “HARO-” Help a Reporter Out. And every day, you’ll get a list of different reporters looking for sources, and you can answer them. A few tips about that- be as timely as possible. You want to answer them as quickly as possible because the reporters are on a deadline and tip #2, always include your picture and bio with a link back to your website. So that way, if they actually do feature you in the piece, they already have the information that they need and they can link back to your website which will drive more external links, which improves overall traffic.

Tip #3: Be Specific With Your Linking Text

And my third tip is whenever you do you get a link back to your site from any of these external sources, if you are able to, you want to be a little bit more specific about what anchor text they use to link back to your site. So if your firm is called Russell Investments, and you are based in Cleveland, Ohio. Instead of them just having them link To “Russell Investments” in their article, you would want them to hyperlink “Cleveland, Ohio financial planner” for instance. That way the keywords that are the linking text are letting Google know what your website is all about, which will help drive more local traffic for those keywords.

So again, the three tips that I have for you today to drive more traffic is to interview others that already have a good following on social or a well traffic blog or website, to answer queries from reporters and sign up for help a reporter out, and to dictate the anchor text that is used to link back to your site whenever you do get those links.

So again, I’m Samantha Russell at Twenty Over Ten. For more tips just like these, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we share a quick marketing tip for financial advisors every single week. Thanks everyone.

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