Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed a safe an happy time over the holidays with family and friends.

First up I do want to apologise for the patchy communication over the last few weeks. We seem to have been hit with one thing after another since early-December, and it’s been a bit of a challenge to stay on top of things.

First we had a cyclone warning that required a bit of time-out to prepare. That eventually crossed the coast about 100km north of here without too much power, and had minimal impact for us. At first.

It did bring a whole lot of rain in behind it… over 500mm a day for several days in a row… so this area copped some major flooding. Again, no direct impact on me personally, except for being locked down without power or internet for several more days. Plenty of my friends and neighbours fared a whole lot worse.

I had flights booked for a visit with family over Christmas and it was looking like that wasn’t going to happen. Fortunately the roads and airport re-opened just in time and I was on the second flight out of Cairns. Unfortunately the power was still out when I left, so I wasn’t able to transfer a few Admin things over to the laptop that I normally do, so I was a bit limited on what I could access while I was away.

And then to top it all off… holiday over and eager to get stuck into work… I picked up a case of Covid. Again, I can’t complain, it was my first time and just a few days of symptoms, but still enough to make it feel like I lost the entire last month!

But it’s a New Year now and hopefully a whole lot of smooth sailing coming up!

Here’s hoping!

The upside of all this was, a few days/nights sitting around with no power or internet left a lot of time for thinking, and my notebooks are packed with new ideas and improvements for each of our website projects. There was also some valuable time spent on big-picture planning… something it’s all too easy to put off when the day-to-day tasks are never done.

Likewise, the last few days shut in with Covid and and little energy, gave me a chance to go through each of the websites page by page, and find a lot of things we could handle better… plus a number of pages and features I’d meant to get back to before now. So there’s a new to-do list for each of those as well.

So it’s going to be a very busy year at this end, but hopefully that will make it an easier and more profitable year at your end.

Anyway, I’ll write updates for each website individually/separately, so any relevant news for you should follow this.

On final thing though, we are now totally up to date on Helpdesk tickets and I’ve answered all the emails that made it through over the last few weeks. Likewise we are up to date on all the various bonuses and rewards on the different websites, and we’ve applied all upgrades and add-ons.

So if you are still waiting on ANYTHING at all, please submit a new ticket or send an email with the relevant info and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Thanks for your patience with all this, and all the best for 2024!


  • Gene

    Hey Brad. You’re in the right place and the right time doing the right thing. Relax. We don’t have control over nature and cold viruses. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

  • Jackie Buckley

    Hello Brad,

    Looks like the whole world is getting crazy as far as weather goes, I’m glad that you made it out fine. I to had covid in December so I know what it means not to have any energy. Better days are here now.

  • Robin

    Hello Brad,

    Things happen that are beyond our control, especially now with things going so crazy. I’m glad everything worked out well. Because we see many people who are losing everything in these weather disasters. Thank you for all you do for us here at EZClix. And Happy New Years to All.

  • Sinead

    Hey Brad,
    It would be really awesome if you could make this site more mobile friendly. Also could you please make videos of the instructions? It would make it easier to follow along! Thank you!

    • ezadmin

      To be honest, we didn’t ever worry about making it mobile-friendly, since we use so many other sites are are near-impossible to use on a mobile device. And with the videos, I find that the slightest change to a website… design, layout, process etc… can mean the video won’t exactly match what people are seeing, which is causes instant frustration and confusion, even if the changes don’t actually impact the process. ie. it might be the exact same steps, but if it looks different, a lot of people will struggle. Whereas if it’s written instructions, most people will read through them, work out what we’re trying to achieve, and then work it out… even if the 3rd party website has changed things around a bit.

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