EzHitzs: The Doors Are Open!

Thanks To All The Testers & Welcome To Our New Members!

A big thank you to those people who helped with the final testing. It was a bit easier than I was expecting, but still plenty of minor issues and typos etc. Hopefully we’ve got them all by now, but if you find anything that’s not right, please do let me know.

For now, I’m only sending this out to Members of my other websites… inbetween dealing with a bit of final debugging and handling some support issues. So this will give you a few days that you can use to get set up and email your own list!

We use a 3 month cookie, so if you email your people and they visit, they’re flagged as your referral… even if it takes a few more nudges from me before they get moving!

So far the feedback has been pretty good on the set up process. A few people have been getting through it much quicker than we expected… which is good, but makes me worry they might be missing a few steps? (Please take your time and double-check everything!)

In particular, make sure you refer to the Instructions for EVERY site… that means clicking the blue button and reading through the info page that opens.

Most programs are pretty straight-forward to set up, but there’s a few unexpected steps here and there that you won’t want to miss!

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