EzHitzs Just Reached 1000 Members!

EzHitzs reached a major milestone today, with our 1000th member joining our ranks! That’s a great effort by everyone here in such a short time, just a little over 7 months!

When you consider we’re promoting a website that takes real time, effort and money to get set up… and we spell all that out in detail for people before they join…  I’m sometimes surprised that anyone joined!

I think most people here are over all the BS magic systems that assume we’re all lazy, stupid and incapable of seeing anything through.

And with 1000 members I think it’s safe to say there’s plenty of marketers out there who ARE prepared to do some work, who CAN follow the logic of some fairly complex marketing systems, and who WILL stick at it until it’s done.

Well done everyone, and here’s looking at the next 1000 members in half the time!

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