EzHitzs 2.0 Is Almost Here.

The website update that just goes on forever is almost complete, but we had another delay this week.

We were struggling to get one of the new features to work how we’d planned, and eventually realised it wasn’t going to until we upgraded the server. This was scheduled for later in the year, but requires a fair amount of work testing and readying each of our sites, so instead we’ve set up a second server and we’ll relaunch EzHitzs on that… and move the rest of our sites across later on.

So between getting that done, plus some additional computer issues in the office, and a couple of inter-state family obligations to top things off, it’s been a frustrating couple of months for us, so I can only guess it’s even more so for the Members waiting to get back to it!

The good news is we are really close now, and I’m confident you’ll love the rebuilt EzHitzs platform. I’ve got a couple of people in testing the workflow right now… so far, so good… and we expect to start sending the drip-feed email in the next week or so.

That will go out quite slowly at first, so we can get some of our original Members imported into the new system and sort out any issues that might turn up. Then once we’re confident it’s all working as planned, we’ll pick up the pace a couple of notches. Even so, it will still be paced so that most people should have a few days to check-in and update their accounts, so their downlines stay intact.

Exactly how long you’ll have will depend on how quickly you started referring new Members when you joined.

If you took your time on the initial set up when you joined and didn’t refer anyone straight away, then you should have a plenty of time now to get your account sorted. If you were particularly quick to start referring though, you’ll want to be pretty prompt about this update as well!

Either way, there will certainly be people who don’t come back to EzHitzs 2.0, so we’re expecting there will be quite a few ‘orphaned’ referrals. We’ll be distributing these randomly  to Members who have gotten their accounts fully re-activated… so if you’re going to do it, do it promptly and you might picked up a few extra referrals.

OK, that’s it for now. Just watch out for the email from us inviting you to update your account… and be ready to take action as quickly as possible.

(To get this back up again, the new Member’s Area will be quite bare-bones for the first people in, but we’ll sort that out quickly once we’re open for business again on the front end!)

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