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We’ve been getting a few queries lately on EzClix referral stats not matching up with the numbers on Warrior Plus, so here’s a quick explanation & work around…

Warrior Plus does not support multiple landing pages. With their linking you can only ever send a visitor to the main sales page. There’s no way to use Splash or Optin pages inside Warrior Plus.

So at EzClix, we use our own tracking & referral IDs for our landing pages, and then redirect visitors to the main sales page using your Warrior Plus link. We also cookie the visitor as your referral in case they don’t sign up on their first visit.

This works quite well most of the time. Most people seem to sign up on their first visit, and others who don’t, tend to come back soon after and are easily tracked as your referral and shown your sign up link.

When they sign up, Warrior Plus pays you. When they’re redirect back to EzClix to create an account, we see that you were the referrer and send you a note to let you know you’ve had a sale.

The inconsistency comes when the visitor visits EzClix as your referral, but then leaves and find their way back to the order page using someone else’s Warrior Plus link…

Our system stills think they’re your referral, while Warrior Plus recognises the most recent referral. That person gets the commission, but when the new member arrives on EzClix to create their account, our system sees you as the referrer and sends you a notification…

Which doesn’t match up with what you see when you login to Warrior Plus… which causes some understandable concern among people who get the impression that things aren’t working right and they are losing commissions in the process.

So the big question is, what can we all do about it? 

For starters, we’ve disabled the referral notification email for now. You can still check your ‘estimated’ EzClix referral stats on the site, but just remember you’ll need to login to Warrior Plus for the true picture.

The second recommendation would be to try to use your actual WarriorPlus link any time you’re sending visitors to the main EzClix sales page. i.e. if you’re not using a splash or opt-in page, just use the Warrior Plus link as is.

This will get your referral cookied as yours on Warrior Plus, and might save you  a few referrals here and there. This will work well with any sort of pre-sold promos when the visitor is looking for more info, such as social posts, banner ads, videos, blog posts etc.

I do want to stress, this is not a widespread issue and won’t affect most people. But if you have noticed some discrepancy around your referral stats, I hope this might put your mind at ease!

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