EzBannerz Set Up For Existing Members

These instructions are only for existing Members…

Hopefully you’ve seen the update-email and you’ve already registered a new Ez Bannerz account¬† and saved your Username here…¬† If not, please open your program Manager Page and do that first!

CashInOnBanners was a site we used in a number of different places within your Traffic System, so we decided it would be easiest for everyone if we ‘replaced it’, rather than delete it and add EzBannerz as a whole now program.

That’s been done now, so it should be a fairly simple update for you…

Go to your Tracking Links page andclick through to open Leads Leap.

Once you login, click on Tracking Links and then locate your existing Cash In On Banners link.

=> Click the Edit icon…

=> Change the target URL to your Ez Bannerz referral link.

=> Change the Link name and the Browser Title to EzBannerz.

=> Save your changes…

You can now copy the LeadsLeap tracking link into our form on the Tracking Links page and save.

That’s it… your pages will all update automatically.

If you’ve added any CIOB banners to your EzAdz campaigns you can swap those out…

We haven’t got EzBannerz banners ready just yet though, so you can point the CIOB banners to EzBannerz for now if you want.


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