EzAdz is on the move!

You’ll probably be aware we’ve been migrating our websites to a new server over the last couple of months. This time around it’s EzAdz’ turn… and we’ve scheduled the move for Monday 10th July. This should be quite seamless for everyone, except for a short closure of the Member’s Area.

Everything else will continue to function normally, and the site will redirect to the new server once the DNS records update. We will lock down the Member’s Area though, to make sure no one loses any work while we copy the main database across.

We’ve tested all the website functions as much as we can already, but this site does use a separate server to deliver the banner ads and we will need to manually check the two are connecting properly after the migration is complete. We can’t do that until we go live, so there might be a short downtime for your banners while we tweak those settings.

Again this move will give us easier access to more resource, to speed up all aspects of EzAdz, and we’ll be giving the whole site a bit of an update once we get caught up. Thanks in advance for your patience.




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