Cryptos 101 Download

Turns out quite a few people have been asking for help with various crypto-related processes when setting up their accounts, so I’ve added a short(ish) PDF to your Member’s Dashboard that will walk you through the basics.

There’s a minimal amount of theory and definitions to get you up to speed, then instructions and tips for all the essential tasks, such as creating digital wallets, setting up an account on a crypto exchange, completing KYC verification and of course, buying and selling cryptos.

It’s not intended to be comprehensive… so if you need more info on specific processes, your best option will be to refer to the documentation on whatever software or website you’re using… but it should help most people get started on the right track without the information overload you’ll get trying to find all this info on your own.

It’s linked in the Admin section so you can read it online, or if you’re new to all this, you can download it, print it out and make your own notes as you go.

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