CoinPayments & Easy5Now

A few people have had issues with the payment amount being too small for CoinPayments. Best/only work-around so far seems to be to use Litecoin (LTC) to make the payment. That seems to go through OK for the small amount.

If not, you’ll need to use one of the other payment options.

Also had a couple of people without any of the listed payment options asking if there was another way to pay.

The bottom line is, you need at least one of those payment options set up so you can be paid… so there’s no point finding another way to pay, if you can’t then get paid yourself.

CoinPayments is the most universal option for now…

  • You don’t require an account to make a payment… though you will need cryptos in a wallet ‘somewhere’.
  • You don’t required a credit or debit card required to set up an account, to accept payments.
  • There’s just a fairly basic KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process to make withdrawals.

It’s a bit beyond the scope of what we’re doing here, but I’ll try to put together a super-simple guide to getting started with cryptos later this week, for those who are finding that side of things overwhelming.

The challenge there is, it’s different for everyone depending on what country you’re in, local rules and govt regs etc… so it might be easiest if you just take it one step at a time and Google your way through the process…

  • Whats the best Crypto Exchange for [Your Country]?
  • How do I buy Cryptos in [Your Country]?
  • How do I spend Cryptos in [Your Country]?
  • How do I buy Cryptos without a credit card?
  • How do I complete KYC without a passport or drivers license?

No matter your personal situation, the information is almost certainly out there… you just need to go looking!

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