Cash Ads Has Been Removed

Unfortunately Cash-Ads has not worked out for us and I’ve just removed it from our set up. We had a few concerns with some of the sites that were advertising on the network… some were breaking the rules on content and an increasing number were using some malicious code in their actual ads.

We reached out to the site owners a couple of times, and each time they assured us it was being dealt with, but it clearly wasn’t. I had another string of complaints over the weekend so I’ve removed all Cash Ads codes from our sites.

Unfortunately the Cash Ads content also got us blacklisted on Yibbida. We removed the offending Ads from the pages we recommended for the Yibbida exchange a while back to be safe, but it looks like some people must have been using other pages there that still had the CashAds code on them… so the Yibbida admin has blocked us as well.

I’ll reach out to him shortly to see if we can get another chance, otherwise we’ll be replacing that site (again) as well.

No need for anyone to do anything just yet… we’ll sort out the replacement(s) and let you know when it’s ready for you…

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