eCommerce Made Easy

Today I want to look at eCommerce… Selling stuff online.

It is extremely lucrative, it’s easier than ever to get started, and it’s getting bigger all the time.

Well even if you never get to Amazon level,ANYONE can make this work, fast.

Especially with all the health issues of late… people who could barely check their email a month ago are now seasoned online shoppers for pretty much everything.

A couple of key points before we dive in though…

  1.  You don’t need to be the person making the stuff.
  2.  You don’t even need to be the person delivering the stuff.
  3.  And there are easy ways to automate the day to day ‘work‘.

So this is super important…

All you need to do is identify a need…

Find a product that fills that need…

And connect the two!

That is your eCommerce Business model! You don’t have to make stuff, you certainly don’t have to sit there taking orders, and you don’t need to be messing around with shipping and handling…
As an eCommerce Guru, your job is simply to find someone with a need, find someone else with a solution, then set up a system so they can find each other. Then just rinse and repeat

And that takes just 5 Easy Steps…

1. Find Your Perfect Niche:

My best advice here is to find a niche that genuinely interests you. You are far more likely to stick at it and do the work, if you like the stuff you’re working on. You’ll also find it easier to relate to your audience and understand what they are likely to buy!

2. Set Up Your Store:

That WordPress site we talked about last time is the perfect platform. Just install the WooCommerce Plugin and you’ll have a fully functional store in just a couple of minutes. Connect a payment processor, add some products and you’re ready to open the doors.

3. Find Some Great Products:

This is the grunt work that will determine your success. There’s all kinds of drop-shippers out there, but you have to sift through their offerings to find great products that will appeal to your target audience.

Don’t forget digital products either… they cost even less and are even easier to deliver.

4. Drive Traffic To Your Store:

You know this one by now… get your Lifetime Traffic System started now, so it’s up and running, delivering visitors when you’re ready to open the doors!

5. Take Orders & Make Deliveries

There’s loads of payment options built in to WooCommerce, so just select the ones you want and follow the prompts to create and connect your accounts.

For dropship items, just forward the order and they’ll do it all for you. For digital items, set up a download page and just direct the customer there after they’ve paid.

That’s all there is to it!

  • Start small, add a few great products and turn on some traffic to test everything.
  • Then add a few more products, generate a bit more traffic… and just keep on growing.
  • More products, more traffic, more profit.

If you need step-by-step advice, you’ll find plenty of free training guides online. No need to buy any expensive training.  And don’t be tempted by prepackaged eCommerce Websites either. I’ve tried a few and NONE have been any better than WooCommerce!

(Their angle is that they let you import products automatically, so a big time-saver in theory. In practice you spend just as long tidying everything up so there is no time saved!)

Anyway.. mull it over and think about your interests and the stuff you buy online?

If there’s any overlaps… or big gaps… that could be your next business!

Or your own mini-Amazon!

Talking about Amazon, there’s one strategy I’ve seen often and always wanted to try…

  • A lot of people ‘stock’ their shops with Amazon 3rd-Party products.
  • They find items that appeal to their own audience but are poorly presented on Amazon.
  • They list those in their own store with better descriptions, better photos etc, but listed at a higher price.
  • When they make a sale, they just order the item from Amazon and have it delivered (for free) directly to the customer.
Their profit is whatever margin they choose to add over the top of the Amazon price, plus anything they might charge for ‘delivery’.

Pretty clever really… let me know if you give it run!

OK, now it’s time to put your existing skills to work… or see if there’s a few new ones that might be worth learning.
Don’t skip this one, because my experience has been, everyone has at least a couple of things they can do that other people don’t want to do themselves… so they’ll pay you for to do it for them!

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