Assorted EzClix Updates

We’ve been a bit quiet on the news front lately, but there’s been quite a bit going on behind the scenes that I wanted to share with everyone so you know what’s on the way…

First up, we have been reviewing all our paid traffic sources for conversions and general quality, and we have dropped a number that weren’t delivering at all, or were delivering worthless traffic. A couple of these started out quite OK but the quality had dropped off as we increased our monthly buy.

So you might have seen a bit of a drop off in your link impressions, but rest assured it won’t affect your click-thrus. You should still get a similar number of clicks, and those should start to pick up as well shortly.

We are already testing a number of alternative providers to replace those, and we’ll ramp up some of those once we’re confident it’s good quality and sustainable at higher numbers.

We’re also working on adding a few more of our own systems and I’m pretty excited about the potential for all of them. These will generate additional email, video and social traffic, and we’ll be looking to use our membership to leverage each of them.

In particular, we’ve created a new Email Traffic system that’s set to generate a lot of ongoing and high-quality traffic. I’m also confident that this one gets going it will just get bigger and bigger over time. The trade-off is that the development is taking a bit longer than planned as we keep seeing new opportunities to make it even more powerful. So it’s still a few  weeks away  but it will be worth the wait.

This will be a system a lot of our members will likely want to use outside of EzClix anyway, so we’ll send a message out shortly for a few beta-testers to test drive the system, and invite everyone else in soon after that!

The Video Traffic is something we’ve also been working on for a while… testing out a (big)  selection of video tools we’ve bought over the years for a good combination to create, optimise and publish videos on multiple platforms to generate backlinks and visitors.

We came up with a reasonable workflow without too much trouble, but the initial traffic numbers weren’t that promising. ie a lot of work time for minimal actual visitors that may or may not increase over time. Recently though we’ve added a couple of excellent AI tools to automated and ramp up the process, and we’re seeing a definite uptick, so we’ll keep persevering on that as well.

The Social Traffic is proving harder to sustain. We’ve tried a few systems that worked really well for a while, but every time… on virtually every platform… as soon as we started getting some useful traffic coming through, the links got blocked or banned, and in a couple of cased the whole accounts were shutdown. I’ve got a couple of ideas from the Email Traffic system that we might be able to apply here, so we’ll get onto that once that’s up and running.

And finally, most of you will be aware we complete a major rebuild and relaunch of EzHitzs early this year. That’s gone very well and we’re getting some great feedback on the new approach (just in case you missed it!)

It’s also given all our personal accounts in the various traffic programs quite a boost. Many of those reward you for the efforts of your referrals several levels deep, so some of these programs are generating huge amounts of credits for us… quite literally ‘millions’ on a couple of sites… which we’re now directing to EzClix traffic pages. These don’t always come through super-fast, but they’re all high quality visitors who will be shared around over time!

The site itself seems to be running quite smoothly and most people seem to be getting set up quite quickly, so it feels like we’re well on top of all that now. The only major sticking point seems to be adding an opt-in form to your profile page… I’ve recorded a video of me doing this using SendSteed… LeadsLeap free list-builder. I’ll get that edited and uploaded shortly as it is super-easy and should be perfect for the less experienced Members!

OK, that’s about where we’re up to at the moment. Have a great week!

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