All AdCardz Affiliates… and Owners!

We are currently in the process of moving the AdCardz affiliate program over to WarriorPlus. If you are sending traffic to Clickbank affiliate links, you should look to get those updated ASAP. We will be paying a higher commission in WarriorPlus, so it will be worth your while to swap to the new platform.

AdBoard owners can save their WarriorPlus link in their Members Area, and we will redirect your referral traffic automatically. Any referrals you have made through the Clickbank system will continue to generate commissions for you there, but over time most of those will probably look to move to WarriorPlus as well, so again, it’s in your interests to update this ASAP.

Any affiliates who don’t have an AdBoard Owner account, will need to get their traffic links updated. We will continue to maintain the Clickbank sales options for awhile longer, but our new promos will be focused on the WarriorPlus checkout and you’ll get much better results there.

Any questions or concerns, please do reach out!


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