A New Ez Site to consider… EzOfferz

We’ve recently launched a new website on the EzSitez network that might interest you…

EzOfferz is a new Giveways and Downloads site, that will be sending out 4 new gifts every week or so, via a newsletter, so subscribers can have a quick look each time to see what’s on offer and click through the grab anything of interest. All we’ll be asking in exchange is that you view one ad before accessing each download or giveaway.

We’ve got a load of great content we’ve accumulated over the last couple of years, plus we have upgraded memberships on a number of quality PLR sites, so you can expect a lot of valuable downloads to be heading your way.

At least a couple of items each issue will come with some sort of reseller rights, so you ‘ll be able to put some of those to work immediately, to start adding entire new income streams to your business.

Why Are We Doing This?

The main goal here was to use some existing resources to generate some ongoing visitor traffic for our EzClix Members.

Between EzHitzs and EzAdz, we have generated a massive volume of email credits on literally hundreds of safelists. So the first step is to put those to work to build a big mailing list that we can go back to on our own schedule… without having to read and click emails.

We’ve also bought a lot of reseller and white label licenses for various packages in recent years, that we’ve never gotten around to utilizing. So we’re looking to get some value from those as well.

And since we expect the first people to come onboard will mostly be members of our various websites, it seems a good way to show our appreciate of your ongoing support!

If you’ve used any of our websites, you’ll see this is typical of our approach… investing a little time and effort to set up a complete traffic system that will eventually deliver ongoing traffic.  The final step will be to add some sort of referral rewards program to it, to leverage everything even further.

We’ll post more on that when it’s ready to go, along with information for potential contributors once we have process set up for that. We’ve already had a few offers so I suspect that could take on a life of it’s own as well!

If you’d like to take EzOfferz for a test drive…

1. If you haven’t already done so, please consider opting-in to the Giveaways Newsletter, even if only for a few issues, so you can see it in action.


2. If you think you might stick around, I strongly recommend you also create a Member Account on the EzOfferz website. This will let you bookmark any downloads or giveaways of interest, so you can easily find them again, without having download everything, just in case

3. If you want to get a head-start on the Referral Rewards, you can grab your referral link from the Members Area and share it with your list. Just remember, we haven’t settled on a rewards structure yet, but we will make sure it’s worth your while!

OK, that about where we’re up to with EzOfferz. Please check it out and as always, feel free to share any feedback or suggestions.






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