We’re Ready To Go!

It’s all systems go now. Thanks everyone who helped with the beta-test. We got a lot of good feedback, found a few bugs, made a few improvements, and tracked down most of my fat-finger typos!

We’ve got 8 live programs to start things off, with a couple of promising new projects launching soon. We’re hearing about new projects all the time as well, so I’m pretty excited about where this might all end up.

For now, the process for our Members is simple… Start at the top of the program list and work your way down. Read the notes for a program and if it sounds like a good fit for you, set it up. If not, take a pass.

Once you set one up, give it time to start working and have a look at the referrals notes, to see if there’s people you’d like to share this with…

Then go back to your program list and get to work finding and setting up your next project.

Rinse and repeat…

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