Viral Lightning / ETB Payment Issues

Unfortunately we’ve been seeing some issues with this program. This is the one where you need to either purchase the Easy Traffic Blueprint product, or send 5 referrals to activate your Viral Lightning account.

It turns out the ETB vendor is having problems with Stripe and is currently unable to accept payments that way. He tells me he’s working on resolving it, but has no timeline on when that will happen.

I’ve reached out to the Viral Lightning owner as well, but no response so far, so we haven’t made a decision on our next step yet.

Right now, we are seeing some ETB sales go through, so I’m assuming those payments are being made by PayPal or with WarriorPlus wallets?

That could be an option for some people, but at this stage, I’d suggest you wait until we see how this resolves. There is a chance we’ll have to swap this program out if the ETB vendor can’t fix it, or the VL owner doesn’t make changes.

In the meantime, your EzHitzs system will generate the 5 referrals to activate it for free, so probably best if you just let that run in the background.

Hopefully either ETB will sort out Stripe, VL will swap out ETB for something else and our system won’t need to change. Either way, we’ll keep an eye on it and make a decision once we get a response from the Viral Lightning people.

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