Traffic Site Suggestions

You might have seen the form on the ‘Resources’ page for suggesting your favourite Traffic Sites.

The key word there is Traffic!

We had been getting some great suggestions through there, but lately there seems to be a fair number of members just submitting their current make-money-online programs. It’s no big issue for us… we just ignore them… but it’s a waste of your time.

We DO welcome any suggestions of websites whose prime purpose is to generate traffic!

Make sure you tell us a little bit about what it does, how it does it, and the results you’ve had…

If you sell it to us, we’ll check it out and sign up under you. And if it delivers, we’ll use it here on EzClix, we’ll most likely upgrade, and quite possibly recommend in on some of our other sites as well.

That could all be extremely rewarding for you, but only if you submit TRAFFIC sites we can actually use!

Thanks in advance…


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