Traffic Ad Bar Links: Action Required!

It seems quite a few people have had issues with TrafficAdBar (TAB) disabling their links with a message that the various pages weren’t available when they checked. We’re talking with TAB Admin trying to work out the problem, but in the meantime we’ve added some new pages just for TAB.

You’ll find the new links in the Instructions for TAB, in the Portfolio Programs section.

These new pages have had some of the banners and adblocks removed to speed things up, plus we stripped back some of the back-end code as well. Hopefully they’ll work better for anyone who’s had issues. We’ve also added a few spares, incase people still have problems. 

Please check your TAB account as soon as possible, and if you have any links that have been disabled, just delete them and submit one of these new pages instead. Then when we work things out with TAB, we’ll just modify those pages as required, and you won’t need to revisit this one again.

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