Spotlight Ads Again

We haven’t had much of a response at all to the Spotlight Ads, which is a bit surprising… though it could be because I messed up the newsletter when we first announced this.

It should be a no-brainer

All you have to do is select an AdCard that you want to give some extra exposure to and we will do the rest.

First your chosen Ad will be shown randomly on the Members Dashboard, so you KNOW it will be seen by people who are serious about marketing, online business and traffic etc…

Second, I’d really like to use a full AdBoard of those Spotlight Ads as a way to promote the AdCardz site as a whole… showcasing the best of the best. Once we have a good selection I’ll create a custom AdBoard to show those Ads and we’ll send traffic to that as well….

So that will definitely generate even more exposure for your Ads, plus we’ll link each Ad to the parent AdBoard… so you could also get more free ads from our efforts, and maybe even some affiliate signups…

But only if you take a minute NOW to nominate your Spotlight Ad!

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