Some Interesting Statistics…

Well we show our one millionth banner this last week. Not bad to go from zero to 1,000,000 in just 5 months. It will be interesting to see how long it take to get our second million banner impressions, but given how quickly things are growing now, I’m guessing it will be less than half that time!

We’re also seeing a steading increase in all the other stats across the site. Direct traffic to your links is about a third of the banner traffic (~350K), which is probably a little better than we’d hoped. Views of your screenshots are fast approaching 2 million and traffic to the Viral and Profile pages is really starting to move now as well.

When you consider all this traffic is being shared among just 500 members, everyone should be pretty happy with the results. Obviously the real test is conversions though, and that’s our next main focus…

We’re getting some excellent anecdotal feedback from a lot of Members on sales, signups and other conversions, but we’re still losing a number of members each month, who just aren’t getting enough immediate value to keep this going…

A big percentage of those people simply haven’t completed the set up to get the traffic in the first place. I’m hopeful the checklist we added recently will help with that, but there’s not a lot more we can do until they make the effort to use the tools available…

There’s another group that I’m hearing from though, who do make the effort, submit their links and get the traffic… but aren’t making the sales they expect. Sometimes the issue is immediately obvious… bad page choices, broken links, incorrectly sized banners and screenshots etc. Other times it’s not so clear…

So over the next few weeks we’ll be setting up some ‘performance’ tools and tracking, so everyone can see how their offers/ads are performing compared to the group average… and maybe highlight some of the top offers from other Members if you want to try something different.

In the meantime, please check your Progress tracker on your dashboard. More than half our Members are only getting a fraction of the traffic they could be. And the further you go down the Checklist, the more traffic the tools deliver… so you will be well rewarded for each additional step you complete!

One quick example before I let you go:

The Profile pages have only been going a month and already have about 50,000 views… But less than 100 of our Members have set up their page.

So that’s great for them but a wasted opportunity for the other 400 Members!

With the holidays fast approaching, maybe schedule a bit of time to make sure you’re not missing out on this and other traffic!


  • Hernan Gutierrez

    This is a real set-n-forget IM Tool. It took me less than an hour to set my links, banners, and profile page, and since day one I am receiving traffic to all of them… without me doing any extra work! Not only that, but now my membership is being paid in full by the commissions I earn from my EZClix referrals. Automated Quality Traffic + Monthly Residual Income = More Money In My Pocket with More Free Time. Thank you EZ CLIX.

  • Charmaine MacDonald

    Can you please put our profile link and traffic link on our dashboard so it is easy for us to access at all times immediately so we can share it too. Thank you. Still waiting for my first sign up but I have changed things up a few times and like that we can change things so am giving it time as it takes some time to see results.

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