Program Updates Follow Ups

We’ve finally finished updating all the pages associated with the program changes we made last month.

This was the first major update since we launched, so it took a bit of time to work out exactly what needed doing and to get it done. Here’s hoping we don’t need to do it again for a long time!

The next challenge is trying to simplify the update for you…

Step 1. Register the new programs & save your User IDs here.

Hopefully our existing Members have all been in to register the new accounts and save their User IDs by now, but if you missed it or put it off for any reason, PLEASE DO IT NOW!  These are some great new programs that are working really well with our system, so just revisit the Program Manager and make sure you have all the required UserIDs saved.

Step 2. Run Through The Configuration Wizard Again.

First you’ll need to check the Tracking Links Page… Section 1, Step 3… and create 4 new links. One on LeadsLeap and three on Viral URL. You then need to save those shortened links on your Tracking Links page. This will keep you Traffic & Downline Builder pages working.

Next you should check the Banner Sites set up… Section 2, Step 2… and follow the instructions to set up Share my Ads.

Then run through Cashflow Sites set up… Section 2, Step 6… to make sure you understand how we’re using EzCryptos and our recommended upgrade strategy there.

Finally check the Auto Surf set up… Section 3, Step 2… to make sure you have the correct pages saved on the new Auto Surf sites.

Once those changes are made, you are totally up to date! 

In the meantime we’re still checking your various Traffic and  Downline  Builder pages… I decide it was a good time to freshen those up a bit as well, so I’ve got a bit to do before they’re back to 100%, but we’re close…

As mentioned, this turned into quite a major job, so in future we won’t leave it so long. If there’s a problem with a program we’ll swap it out ASAP and make the necessary updates to the instructions before it gets away on us. That should make life a whole lot easier for everyone!

For now, the new programs have had a very good response and everything seems back on track.

Thanks for the feedback from those who set them up already… and thanks in advance for your prompt response to those who are yet to get to it!


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