Profile Pages Are Ready To Go!

It took a bit longer than expected, but my house-move is complete, the internet is finally fixed, and we’ve finished testing the profile pages.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the testing. Everything seems to be working well, and we’ll start submitting the first of them over the next few days. Your page will be added to the queue automatically once you’ve uploaded a profile photo and added some bio info!

To begin with, we’re going to submit each new page to both the Top Dogs Rotator and the Power Ad Profits website, with 10,000 credits on each site. So that’s 20,000 page view each, locked in as soon as you set it up.

We’ll also be using a mix of rotator pages in our other traffic sites to generate additional traffic, and to redirect any visitors headed to expired member accounts to current member pages.

Bottom Line: this is going to generate a LOT of traffic for those who take a few minutes to set it up!

The optin form options are also working well now, so it should also generate some useful list building for you as we get going. Please make sure you take your time with that part of the set up and make sure you get it right.

Any problems… or feedback… please do reach out.

Most important of all, remember this is TOTALLY Set and Forget.

Spend 15-30 minutes on this now, and it will keep on working for you for as long as you’re a member of EzClix.

Combine all this with your Viral Traffic Page, and this becomes an complete, ongoing, fully DFY Viral Traffic System that’s just going to get bigger and better as time goes on.

Don’t miss out on your share of that!


  • Mike Cosma

    I would think that the ezclix link at the bottom of the profile page would go to my warrior plus link but right now it is looping back to my profile page. I checked the demo page and it seems to do the same. Other than that everything else seems to be working correctly. I setup a form in the listbuilding section and tested this and it worked correctly. So far I am very happy with this ezclix club.

    • ezadmin

      Thanks Mike, had a pesky extra space in there that’s sorted now. Will be starting on the traffic submissions tomorrow, so hopefully you’ll start to see some signups soon after!

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