Profile Page & List Builder, again…

Apologies to anyone who tried to check this out and got an error. Finally tracked that down and corrected it, so everyone should be able to look this over and start setting it up. Just look for Your Profile in the Member Links section of the Dashboard page.

For the new Members: this is a bonus feature we’re including in your membership, that will let us send you some extra traffic AND build your list. Like everything else at EzClix, this will be totally set-and-forget for you… you submit your info and we’ll do the rest

We are still setting it up and testing a few options, so we really need a few more people to run through it, try embedding their own autoresponder form… and then let us know how it’s working!

Right now we’ve tried forms from a few different autoresponders, and anything in iframes or plain HTML is working fine. Please test your own autoresponder/form though, and remember to let us know how you go.

The one thing we have changed is that our form will no longer accept Javascript form embeds. This was just too big a risk… letting people submit active scripts directly into our database… so we’ve blocked that option.

If your autoresponder only offers javascript embeds, you’ll have to find another platform for now. Let us know a few details though, and we’ll look at setting up an API embed for that one when we get to that part of the process.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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