PRO TIP: Promoting Your AdBoards

This might be obvious to some people, but just in case you missed it…

While you can promote your AdBoards using the basic link to the main page, for example…


… You can also send traffic to a specific AdCard link…


Which will ensure a specific Ad is shown in the Featured Ad section at the top of the page.

What this means for you is, you can create an Ad for any offer you like and then by promoting that specific link, you are promoting your Featured Ad plus your AdBoard as a whole.

Want to take it 6 steps further?

We also track all your Advertisers referrals and show their ‘sponsor upline’ ads at the top of the page.

So if an Advertiser sends a visitor to a specific AdCard link, they’ll see that Ad in the Featured Position, plus they’ll see up to six ‘upline’ Ads immediately after the Ad Submission form.

So… if you were to be the referrer for those six positions, you would have the first 7 ads shown on the page (1x Featured, 6 x Sponsored).

So when you send visitor traffic, you are now promoting your Featured Ad, your 6 Sponsored Ads, your AdBoard, plus any other Ads you might have created on the AdBoard, and don’t forget the AdCardz affiliate program as well!

How To Set This Up…

It’s reasonably simple to set this up if you plan it out in advance. This all assumes you have an AdBoard set up and ready to go. You can also use the ‘Show External Ads’ option to put some ads on the page if you want to get things started, but you won’t need so many as you’re going to add several ads yourself… so 10-15 is plenty.

Start by making a list of your top 7 offers…

Grab your affiliate your links and write out a short headline and description for each. Organise any images you might want to submit  and resize those to the 300px maximum.

Submit your Featured Ad first.

You can do this through your  Dashboard so you can include any add-ons you want and make sure it looks great at the top of your AdBoard page.

The rest of your Ads need to be added as downline ads from that, so you need to submit these on the front-end. Do this by opening the AdCard link for your first/featured ad… you should receive an email with the link.

It will look something like the following…


That page should open with your new Ad in the Featured Ad position. If it doesn’t check the link before you go any further.  Once you’ve got the right page, just submit your next Ad.

Check your email for the New Ad welcome-info and click the confirmation link. Once that page opens, copy the direct AdCard link into a new browser window. You should now see your second Ad in the Featured Ad position.

Use the form on that page to submit your next Ad…

Check your email, click the confirmation link and then open the direct AdCard link for that one in a new window. Then submit your next Ad on that page…

Repeat this process for all remaining Ads… creating each new Ad immediately ‘below’ the previous Ad…

Then login to your dashboard and open up your AdCards list… make each of your new Ads ‘active’.

If you are using images on any ads you can upload those now.

Then go back to your original Featured Ad AdCard Link… that’s the one showing your Featured Ad in the top position. That should now be showing the other 6 Ads immediately below the submission form.

Meaning you can promote that Featured Ad AdCard link and you’ll be promoting all 7 programs at once!

This gives you an excellent way to promote this batch of programs with a single link. This is particularly useful for any kind of viral programs… downline builders, safelist mailers, traffic exchanges etc…

Set it up and promote the page to see your downlines grow and your AdBoard fill!

And because the people you’re marketing to are looking for traffic and signups as well, there’s a good chance that they’ll grab some add-ons for their own ads…

And some will see what you’re doing and decide an AdBoard or two could be good for them too!

So it’s a little bit of set up but a whole lot of marketing and earnings power… give it a try and you’ll see for  yourself!






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