Power Pages 2.0 Are Ready To Go

I finally got the Power Pages updated and ready to go again.

Unfortunately they had some issues after a couple of the programs we were using closed, so rather than just replace the programs and wait for it to happen again, we’ve rebuild them so we can add and remove programs ‘at will’, without having to make any further changes to the code.

We’ve also revamped the Email functions on these pages… we send a more detailed ‘instructional’ email when the visitors opt-in, and we forward you their details so you can add them to your list. We don’t add them to any list of our own, so it’s up to you to use those opt-ins and follow up etc… if you want.

I would suggest you send a personal email to introduce yourself first, BEFORE you sent any bulk/auto emails! You are welcome to ‘optin’ on your own page to see the email we’ll be sending on your behalf.

The good news was, very few of our Members were using them, so very few people wee inconvenienced…

The bad news is, very few of our Members were using them…

If you’re sending traffic to any rotators, or you have active traffic accounts you can add extra pages to, these are worth adding. You’ll get signups in as many of the programs you choose to add, plus you will get optins and you’ve even earn some credits no a couple of our traffic sites.

That’s a pretty good return for half an hour’s work!

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