January Prize Draw

Between moving house and the (almost complete) EzHitzs update, I totally missed the end of January sorry, so we were quite late with the Monthly Prize Draw. The good news it, the extra time did let the entries sneak up over the 6000 mark, so we did two draws again.

Congratulations Massimo D’Amico and Gianluca Zanatello, who’ve both won and extra Link, Banner and Login Ad slot each!

We’ve only got 3 weeks left of Feb, so this time around we’ll do the double-draw if we can get 5000 entries by the end of the month.  Thanks again for your ongoing support of each other. There are some great offers being posted here every week, so it really is worth your while to look a few over, each time you visit the EzClix site… you never know what you might find!

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