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This one directly concerns ‘EzHitzs’, but we’ve got a fair bit of member-overlap, so I’m sending it to a couple of our newsletters…

We’re currently rebuilding/revamping EzHitzs, and it’s coming along very well. We’ve really simplified things, dropped some of the more complicated steps, automated a lot more of the prices, and I think you’re going to find it many times more powerful when we’re done.

Hopefully it will be ready for testing early in the new year. In the meantime, I have one gap I need to fill with a VIRAL TRAFFIC program. I’m looking for something very specific and so far all the contenders I’ve checked out have quite done the job…

So I’m looking for suggestions, if anyone is currently using a program or website that meets the following criteria…

  • It’s primary purpose is to generate visitor traffic.
  • It has a strong viral element/structure.
  • It operates over multiple levels, at least 2-3, maybe a couple more.
  • It’s super-simple to set up. Ideally it’ll be mostly set-and-forget.
  • It’s free to join and free members should be able to get good value.

If it has affordable upgrades (that generate referral commissions), that’s a bonus, but not essential. Our main need here is a system that’s going to sending an increasing volume of traffic to an offer, as the Member’s downline grows.

Please don’t suggest traditional traffic exchanges, viral mailers, or matrix programs

I’m looking for a traffic generating gem we can embed in our system to make it even more effective, and use to leverage some of our other tools. I’m not sure how well I’m explaining it, but I’ll know I when I see it.

So please give it some thought and post your suggestions in the comments below. I’ll check out anything that looks like a contender, and if I decide to use your suggestion, I’ll join under you.

Please don’t take this as an invite to just post any links you like or I’ll just shut it down. Traffic sites/systems only, and only those that meet the requirements above…

Thanks in advance!


  • Graham Snell

    Hi Brad,

    I don’t know if you have come across Second Splash, but it has a unique way of getting a lot of
    traffic for active members. It is basically a splash page builder with a difference.
    Here is my link for the sales page that explains what it is and how it will create a lot of Viral traffic for its members.

    Perhaps this is the kind of program you were thinking of adding to EZ CLIX CLUB.

    • ezadmin

      Hey Graham, good choice, but it’s already included in the new look EzHitzs portfolio… this is exactly the sort of thing we’re looking for though! Innovative, viral and set up in a way that our system can take it to a whole new level on full-auto!

  • ezadmin

    Thanks guys, that’s just what I was looking for. Turns out I joined SMH several years ago, gave it an initial push and promptly forgot about it… Checking back now it’s been quietly running as promised, sending loads of traffic to the ten links I’d added.

    Unfortunately I wasn’t keeping good track of these things back then, and about half of those are now defunct. But it does explain a couple of other sites that have been working well, even though I had no idea where the leads were coming from!

    Thanks again for the suggestion, that rounds out our ‘portfolio’ nicely and I’m starting to get quite excited by the potential here. More soon!

  • Andrea

    Hi Brad,
    I’m not sure how Viral this is but as for Traffic this can provide an immense amount for very little. It’s free to join and ALL members earn 50% Commissions!

    It’s called Featured Offers Xtreme (FoX),

    Guaranteed visitors is ALWAYS nice! I don’t know if you have seen this before, but it could be lucrative and help with traffic. If not then ok, just a suggestion.

    Thank you!

    • ezadmin

      Thanks Andrea, we’re set now for EzHitzs, but I’ll check this out and possibly run a bit of EzClix traffic through it for a while. Cheers, Brad.

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