Final Surf Session Issues

Now that a few people are completing this wizard, we’ve discovered a few issues we need to address, so we’re putting a temporary hold on this…

1. First up, we had a couple of mistakes in the tracking links we gave you to submit to these sites. They will still work, but the site tag was wrong on a couple. Please check and update those so we can give you accurate tracking by-site later on.

2. We’re seeing a big disparity in the traffic tallies, between those who take an upgrade and those who only do free surfing. That’s pretty discouraging for the free-surfers, so we’ll be modifying the structure and bonus offer to address this.

3. We should have stressed the need for you to login after your surf sessions to assign credits… a few people have done a lot of surfing, but weren’t assigning all their credits, so only got a fraction of the EzHitzs visits they might have.

4. Some of these sites are quite slow to deliver traffic. They do have important benefits for our system, and you definitely want to include them in your Final Surf Session, but it looks like a few people focused only on them and earned a lot of credits that won’t convert to EzHitzs visitors in time to be counted.

5. And finally, when we swapped out VTEC for Traffic Crowd, we missed the fact that Traffic Syndicate 25 DOES NOT support the Traffic Crowd rotator link, so you will need to check your TS25 links and update them as per the program instructions.

So What Happens Next…

EVERYONE… please take a moment to run through the Traffic Exchanges section of the Program Portfolio set up again. Please double-check that the links you’ve submitted for each site match those that are showing in our instructions.

After that…

If you haven’t started on this wizard yet…

Please hold off for a couple of days. We’ll be making a few changes to the format and the bonus offer, to make it a bit easier and fairer for everyone.

If you have made a manual start on this…

If you activated the wizard and you have been surfing, we’ll reach out to you with further instructions once we finalise the changes. Rest assured we will make sure you benefit from your efforts so far, regardless of the final format we settle on.

If you activated the Wizard but you haven’t done any surfing yet…

You’ll find we’ve reset it for you, so you can re-activate it and get started once we get things worked out.

And everyone will notice that we’ve TEMPORARILY lowered the ‘progress meter’ threshold for this section, so as long as you complete the Viral Ad Stack wizard, you will be able to look over the Networking section while we sort this out.

This is an important addition to the package and we’re seeing some very impressive results from those who have completed the process, so it will be well worth a little more time to get it right.

Apologies again to everyone for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience!

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  • Richard Staveley

    I think you might add a comment to the Traffic Era section to let people know that any campaigns started after upgrading to Club membership apparently need to be approved by Admin before they can start getting hits. I don’t know whether the admin folks are on holiday or whatever, but I have 20,000 credits on two campaigns that have been awaiting approval for several days, and it looks like I’ll miss my final surfing target because of this.

    Having said that, I think that EzHitzs 2 is brilliant!

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