EzHitzs 2.0 Relaunch!

After far too many delays, the doors are open again and we’ve started the dripfeed email inviting our existing Members to come in and import their old accounts into the new system.

This has to be done fairly slowly to give everyone a chance to get set up before their existing referrals get the same invite… so the various downlines are maintained.

So, if you are already an EzHitzs Member… you will get an invite email shortly, please wait for that and then follow the instructions to update your account. EzClix is a part of the new set up, so make sure you add your WPlus link and let EzHitzs promote that for you hands-free!

If you haven’t joined EzHitzs, I’d suggest you check it out! Among a whole lot of other benefits, it will generate EzClix referrals for you. Referrals that will cover the cost of your account and generate a bit of extra income as well.

EzHitzs is a lot more hands-on than EzClix, so it won’t be for everyone, but it is largely set-and-forget… so if you take your time and do the work, you’ll have yourself a very effective viral traffic & commission machine. Definitely worth a look!


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