EzHitzs 2.0 Launch Has Begun!

You’ll be happy to hear we have finally re-opened EzHitzs!

We’ve now begun the process of emailing all existing Members with an invite to update their accounts into the new system.

This is going out as a dripfeed. It is deliberately quite slow, so everyone has the same  opportunity to get their account imported and activated, BEFORE your referrals get the same invite.

This ensures your downlines in the various programs are maintained. This includes a couple of new ones that could really take off for us… so it’s important that everyone is patient for a little while longer, and lets their upline run through the process first.

So you’ll find the Member’s Area login is still ‘hidden’, and we have a temporary login in place until the dripfeed email has gone out to everyone. Please don’t email us asking for the temp login… you’ll get it when its your turn!

At time of writing, we’ve about 10% of our existing Members have been contacted and it looks like a third of those have made a start on the new site. That’s better than we were expecting, and it looks like we’re getting people who never really made a start on EzHitzs before are going to give it another try.

That means, if you previously made referrals who never did much with EzHitzs, that could be about to change!

When you get your invite… 

Please get to it ASAP. You have a limited window until your existing referrals get the same message, so you want to get in as quick as you can, activate your account on the new system, and register for the new programs.

This will ensure your referrals can follow you into all the programs, the new and the existing. The new system should improve the participation rate across the board, so you want to make sure you’re 100% set up to earn traffic and commissions from every tool in our system.

So a lot of the older programs should get a boost, and the new ones… well I think they’re probably going to blow you away!

OK, that’s about it for now. So far we’ve had no major bug reports and everything seems to be going quite smoothly. We haven’t had a lot of feedback but what we’ve had has been very positive. So need less to say, we’re pretty happy with it all!

There are a couple of items we still need to finish off, but we wanted to get the doors open so we’re hoping to get to those before to many members get there!

If you do beat us to it, please be patient… we won’t be far behind. And of course, if you have any issues at all, do reach out and we’ll get on it.

Thanks again for your patience and support,

And we’ll see you on the inside SOON!


  • Stijn Desmet

    Very excited about EZ-Hitzs being active again as it is in my opinion by far the best tool to acquire huge referral bases in the different programs.
    However, after completing the programs part, a couple of remarks I have:
    First of all, the overall cost of completing everything has gone up substantially, although it is still very manageable if you know what impact EZ-Hitzs can have on the outcome when all is completed and promoted with serious motivation and belief in the system (as EZ-Hitzs 1.0 was really effective).
    Secondly, I miss some programs like Weekly.ico and Hitsmonkey which were in my case very effective in acquiring referrals and extra income.
    But, seeing what Mister Brad already managed to create before (EzHitzs, EzCryptos, EzAdz, …), I keep having strong support for EzHitzs 2.0!

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