EzCryptos Commission Payments

We put through the first commission payments this week and all seems to have gone quite smoothly. There’s a number of members eligible now, though I suspect most are letting it build up a bit to reduce transaction fees.

We’ve also caught up on reviewing and approving signups for the bonus payments. It looks like the vast majority of members are doing this properly, which is great. So far there’s only been a couple of questionable signups, and they’ve had no real connection to the referrer, so no real problem.

If you haven’t explored this part of the program yet, you’ll find full details under the Affiliates link in the top menu when you login. There’s a fair amount of ‘rules and conditions’ there. Please be sure to look them over as they’re essential to protect you and us… especially as we’re paying a bonus for free signups.

Seems to be working well though, and so long as you’re promoting this genuinely to people who want to work the system and earn some cryptos, this should be a win-win for everyone.

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