EzClix Is On The Move…

Please note that the EzClix Member’s Area will be unavailable for a few hours tomorrow while we migrate the website to a new server. The public-facing website will continue to function normally, but we’ll be locking-down the Members Area while we move the database, to ensure no one loses any work.

Most members will be aware that we recently set up a new server to host our websites, starting with EzHitzs a couple of months back. That move went very well and the new server is significantly faster for all our users, and will give us a few extra options to tweak the performance and the security of our websites.

The good news is, we’re ready to move EzClix over as well.

We’ve installed a full copy of the website on the new server and we’ve been busy updating, testing and double-checking everything for the last week. Everything looks good, so we’re scheduling the changeover for this Thursday… tomorrow morning. There should be minimal interruption to services during the move, but this is usually our slowest period, so we’re going then to be safe.

The website and traffic services will run virtually continuously, with visitors seamlessly redirected to the new server as the DNS records update across the web. However, we will need to lock-down the Members Area during that time to ensure no one loses any work when we copy the database across.

So once the move starts, you’ll get a message on the login page that the Member’s Area is closed. As soon as the DNS records update, you’ll be redirected to the new server, where the login form will work.

It usually only takes a couple of hours for these kinds of changes to work their way around the web, but it can take longer for some people in some locations. There is nothing we can do to speed it up, so we’ll just ask that you be patient and enjoy a bit of downtime!

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