Email Traffic System for EzClix

We’re about ready to launch a new website/service designed specifically to generate additional ad page views for EzClix Members. There’s a fair bit to it, so I’ll give you the short version as it applies to you as an EzClix Member, and if you want to know more, you can look over the website below.

We will be sharing this with all our users from all our websites shortly, but for now, we’re starting slow with EzClix Members, since you’ll be the main beneficiaries once it takes off.

OK, the short version…

We’ve set up a new website… EzOfferz… that’s going to distribute all kinds of freebies and giveaways via an opt-in newsletter.  The only cost will be to view an ad (from EzClix) for 15 seconds before accessing each giveaway or download. There’ll be multiple giveaways in each newsletter, so each issue could generate multiple link views for every active subscriber.

We’re hopeful we can get a good response just from our existing Members on the various EzSitez sites, so that could be several thousand subscribers to start with. That will provide some valuable ‘social proof’, which will help when we get to the next step…

We have literally millions of email credits on hundreds of safelists and solo ad sites that we’ve never used. So we’ve been wanting to set this up for a while, to use those to build a large, engaged mailing list who’ll be happy to view an ad or two each week, to access some freebies.

That’s it in a nutshell, but there’s a lot more too it if you want to take a look over the website below. For now, we’re ready for anyone who’s interested to come on board and take it for a test run.

Check Out EzOfferzs Here

You can just visit the website above, opt-in on the Home Page, and leave it at that.

You’ll get the first newsletter and giveaways about 24 hours after that. See if there’s anything of interest for you, test out the viewing and download process… and pass on any feedback or suggestions.

You also have the option of registering an account. That will let you bookmark the various giveaways for easy access later on. It will also let you grab an affiliate tracking link if you want to share this with your own people. You’ll find info on both in the Member’s Area.

If You Don’t Want To Be A Tester… Please Wait!

Right now there are probably a few bugs in the system, so if that sort of thing is a problem, please just hold off for a couple of weeks.

Also, this is built on an autoresponder system, so the people who come in now will be the first to get each new issue, so they’ll be the first to receive every issue that we ever publish in the future. So sooner or later, there are sure to be some broken links or downloads where I mess up the permissions…

So again, if that sort of thing drives you nuts, please just wait a couple of weeks. We’ll send out an invite to all members of all our sites just as soon as we’ve had a few testers go through, so you won’t miss out on anything by waiting a week.

If you do decide to give it a run, any and all feedback will be appreciated. Be warned, the main website is quite basic, and there’s not much to see in the Member’s Area, but I think this could quickly become a valuable source of traffic for all of us if it’s well supported!






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