Email Swipes are now available

We’ve just added a selection of swipe emails to the Marketing Tools page that you can use as solos or credit mails, or direct mails to your own list.

These are some we’ve been suing ourselves, plus a couple from some of our beta-testers, and all have been getting quite respectable click-through rates.

Please remember to read/edit these carefully, put in your own name, and always try to re-write them in your own style and voice etc.

Most important of all… mix up the subject lines.

If GMail spots multiple emails with the same subject line, it groups them under one as a ‘threaded conversation’. So the reader only sees it once… no matter how many you send.

Mix up the subject lines though, and they see every email you send… and it’s much more likely they’ll open a few and click through on one of them!

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