Creating Owner Ads on Your AdBoards

A big part of this system involves making your own offers to your visitors, using Owner-Ads. To make this a bit easier, we’ve now added a button to your Dashboard that will let you create a new Ad on the back end.

This will let you select any of the add-ons and post it straight to your AdBoard… as an upgraded, active and confirmed ad… no payment required and no extra steps manually activating it.

The next step… coming very soon… will be a one-click option to bump any ad back to the top of the AdBoard. Once that’s don’e, you’ll be able ot create all the Ads you want, and them bump them one at a time, as your AdBoard fills up, to spread them our more evenly through the list.

And if you also select the Reload Add-on when you publish, that will keep them rotating through your site indefinitely. Please check it out and put it to good use!

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