Bitcoin, Markets and Corona

I’m sure you’ve seen the massive dive the markets and all cryptos have taken recently. A few people have asked if that somehow negates what we’re doing.

To the contrary… it just makes what we’re doing even more profitable.

All the cryptos we want to buy are now 40-60% cheaper!

And the could go even lower before this is over.  So if you are buying, do it gradually and carefully. Spread your purchases out over time, and over a mix of cryptos. And be very careful of using margin account until there’s a definite bottom!

Of course it is much safer if you’re ‘earning’ them…

You’ll get more bang for your buck as most commissions are pegged to US dollars… so when you get paid out in Cryptos, you’ll be getting twice as much today as you would have gotten a month ago.

Remember, this will all pass, and everything you get a hold of now, WILL be worth more as time goes on. It could be a while, so you’ll have to be patient, but a small, consistent effort throughout this crisis will put you in a much stronger position once it’s over.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy and keep your priorities in order. This program is a long-term venture and most people will have much more urgent concerns about now.

We definitely wait until things settle down!

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