An Invite To Test Out Our Newest Website

If you like EzAdz at all, I think you’re going to love EzHitzs!

This is a brand new site designed to generate ongoing, high-quality, hands-free traffic for anyone prepared to do a bit of work to set it up. It’s totally free to join and use, as long as you’re prepared to invest a few hours or more to create something very powerful and incredibly worthwhile.

It’s based on a number of stand-alone traffic systems I’ve been developing and using for years, now combined, streamlined and systemised… so you can follow the prompts, fill in the blanks, and create your own version of my traffic machine.

The added advantage for you is, our new cloud-based structure allows us to leverage all the existing ‘viral’ components many times over, so your traffic machine will be exponentially more powerful than the systems I’ve been using up until now.

We have just opened the doors to the public, so I’m sending the first early-bird invites to Members of my existing sites… with the usual proviso that this is brand new and there may be a few bugs we’ve missed.

We’ve had some friends in testing everything and we’ve fixed a few issues they found, but there’s sure to be a couple we’ve missed. If that’s going to upset you, please wait a couple of weeks to be safe.

Otherwise you can click the link below to go straight to the info page and claim your free lifetime account…

Get Your Free EzHitzs Account Here


There’s a fair bit of info on that page, so I won’t go over it all again here, except to say…

This IS totally compatible with EzAdz… it actually uses a couple of EzAdz tools, so as an an existing EzAdz user, you’ll have a headstart on everyone else.

This is viral and you should plan to promote… if you have EzAdz campaigns already set up, you can/should get onboard and get set up, so you can add EzHitzs to your campaigns ASAP.

If you’re one of those who have asked about an affiliate option for EzAdz, consider this it!

EzAdz is primarily a free program, so there’d be very limited potential if we were to set up an affiliate program… but if you promote the two together, EzAdz + EzHitzs… I think you’ll find it’s an easy one to promote and the earnings potential is virtually unlimited!

You’ll need to make a start on EzHitzs to see how that part works, but I think you’ll be happy you did!

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