Activating Your Links

Please remember that you need to Test and Activate your links before they’ll start receiving traffic. A few people are missing this then wondering why they’re not getting any visitors…

On your link manager page, you’ll see a ‘Play’ icon if your link is currently receiving traffic.¬†Or a ‘Pause’ icon if your link is inactive for any reason.

I’ve also added a NOT ACTIVE message if your link is not receiving traffic. Please check your Link Manager page next time you login and if you see that message, make sure you activate your links…

Just click the Test Your Link button to start the activation process. That will load a frame-breaker test page for 30 seconds. After that time, you’ll still need to click the Activate link at the top of the page, and confirm that your page meets our content guidelines.

Once you do that, the traffic will start immediately.

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