A few more EzHitzs updates…

We’ve made good progress this week on the last parts of the Network Manager. Each of the sections should now be right to go, except the Referrals tab, which should be done later today… if all goes well.

There’s a few items to check for if you missed it…

Your Extended Profile is now right to go, (except for the Portrait Image). This information will be readily available to your referrals, so please take some time to make it good. It will likely be the first thing they check when you contact them, so give them a reason to respond.

The Upgrades & Payment Proofs are getting a great response. I can see this being a useful resource for everyone, as we’ll be able to show newer Members which upgrades are most popular…so they might upgrade a bit sooner themselves.

It’s also interesting to see that already, there’s been upgrades taken in almost every program in our portfolio. This includes a few of the big-ticket items, so that’s really encouraging to see people making that sort of commitment to the system.

We’ve also finished off some of the Admin tools for the Wizards, so we’ve started allocating the associated Bonuses for each of those as well. A couple of those weren’t ‘advertised’ so if you haven’t completed them yet, there might be a nice surprise waiting when you do!

The issue with the Final Surf Session stats was resolved and we’ve now had quite a few people complete that successfully. Just remember, we’re counting hits received here on EzHitzs, not credits earned on the various sites. So you will need to assign the credits you earn and the number of hits WON’T equal the number of credits.

The Solo Ads wizard is also generating some excellent results, and a couple of Members have reported a big run of sign-ups as their referral’s Solo Ad went out.

We’ll be adding some additional tracking to that process shortly, so you’ll be able to see the conversion rates for each Solo Ad your referrals send, since a few people are turning around and sending a second ad with their own link!

OK, that’s about all I can think of right now. We’re getting a lot of great feedback, bug reports and suggestions though, so there’s probably a lot more. Best option is to login regularly while we’re finishing off the update, and just make sure there’s nothing you’ve missed and nothing new since your last visit!

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