10 Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website and Promote Your Website for Free

Are you on a shoestring budget and hungry for ways to promote your website for free? Today’s video will summarize key strategies to drive traffic to your website! See the full post at https://www.davidndana.com/10-strategies-to-drive-traffic-to-your-website/

0:52 Strategy #1 to Drive Traffic to Your Website
1:36 Strategy #2 to Promote Your Website for Free
2:31 Social Media Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website
3:20 Other Strategies to Promote Your Website for Free

10 Strategies to Drive traffic to your website and promote your website for FREE

Our accompanying blog post (you’ll see a link in the description below) will give you TEN strategies … and a lot more detail. We’ll look at a few right here.

The first strategy for promoting your website for free may be a bit obvious, but it’s to – Promote to your Email List. If you don’t already have a list, you can find resources on our website to help you.

Your list consists of your fans! As a reward for being on your list, they have immediate access to your work before the general public on social media etc. Keep your list folks feeling special. Promote to your email list first!

We’ve got a secret HACK for you in the article on resending the same email to those who don’t open – look for that.

Another strategy – Utilize Apps and Automation Designed to Help with Traffic

The idea here is to make your blogpost easy to share. There are so many plug-ins and apps to make your life easier, and they’ll promote your website for free.

Make sure you are using a plug in with all the major Social Media share icons. This makes it easy for your readers to share it on their social media. What better way to get FREE viewers than from having your readers recruit the new eyes for you. You can use them, too, to promote your website for free.

One last suggestion to imbed the “Click to Tweet” plugin so your readers can tweet right from the blog page.

Because there are many social media platforms, we cover several strategies involving them.

Write some killer tweets for Twitter (we’ve got some great training on Twitter on our blog) Make sure your image is contagious! And learn how to automate your Tweets. See https://www.davidndana.com/twitter-101-basics-beginners/

Post on Facebook. Use your business page and your personal profile. On your business page you can click the BOOST POST button to reach more people. Always think of your audience and lead with the benefits they’ll get from navigating to your blog. For our Facebook QuickStart Guide with the TOP 5 PRO TRICKS that will help YOU recruit 2-3 members/week …even if you’ve never recruited anyone before, see https://davidndana.funnelizer.com/BizOppCklist.

Create a video and share on YouTube. People like videos – you’re watching this video! So, use videos to draw people toward your blog! Either do the video first and write the article second, or visa versa (are you more verbal or do you write better – start with your strength).

Other strategies covered in the article include: Push Notifications, Repurposing, Leveraging Facebook Lives, Google+ and Linked In, and there are many others we didn’t showcase.

We hope you’ve found these strategies helpful. Read the full article for more detail – https://www.davidndana.com/10-strategies-to-drive-traffic-to-your-website/, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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You’ve taken the time to write an amazing blog post – now get out there and PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!

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