Sell Local Leads

The following business model is another one that you could do as a standalone, or it would be a great additional revenue stream to any other online business.

Selling Email or Phone Number Leads to Local Businesses.

The idea here is pretty simple… local business owners know people are searching online for their services, but they don’t know how to capture those leads and lock-in that new business.

So you do it for them!

You take everything we’ve talked about in previous emails and create a system for capturing leads for any business sector you can imagine.

In most simple terms it looks like this…

  1. Create a niche-specific optin page
  2. Send highly-targeted traffic
  3. Capture an email or phone number
  4. Sell those leads to a business owner

So you should immediately see that this is infinitely scalable… you can set up as many of these Lead Funnels as you can think of business niches.

Any if you’ve already set up a Local Business Services website, you’re already half way there.

You just add this as an additional service… anyone in business will immediately see the value of a steady stream of new leads.

And some niches… think businesses selling very expensive services like lawyers, cosmetic surgeons, dentists and the like… they’ll pay top dollar for quality leads because they know that a single sale might be worth thousands of dollars… or more.

Create a page, send some traffic and then work out how many leads you can get and what they’ll cost you…

Then find a buyer who’ll pay you every month for those fresh new leads .

How Do You Find Highly Targeted Traffic?

This is easily solved too… Facebook.

With Facebook you can create highly targeted ads, that will only show to a very specific audience…

So your ads will only be shown to people in your immediate region, and you can even restrict it further to people with specific interests or occupations…

Which allows you to get very cheap traffic… often a few cents each

So as an example, say you can get visitors for $0.05 each, and about 1 in 20 opt-in to your form. That’s costing you $1 per lead.

Do you think a business owner who makes $1000+ per client might pay you a whole lot more than that for the lead?

Some of these businesses pay $10-$30 Per Click for Google Adwords, so their cost per lead is many times higher than that…

For example, if one in ten of their clicks actually ends up buying…

At $20 a click that’s costing them $200 for the sale…

So if you can offer them 100+ fresh new leads every single month for a couple of hundred bucks… do you think they might view it as a bargain?

Keep in mind this works just as well at the other end of the scale as well…

If each lead is costing you $1 and your selling them for $3 each…that’s an equation I’d happily work all day long.

Or another way to look at it…

If one of these Lead Funnels could capture a couple of hundred leads a month, how much time would you put into setting up new Funnels?

A Simple Development Strategy

Over the years I’ve mostly used this process to capture leads for my own businesses, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. So anytime I do a website project for a ‘local business’ I take that opportunity to create an extra Lead Funnel.

I figure I’m doing some market research in that niche anyway, and I know I’ll have at least one prospective customer for the leads when I’m done.

So when I’m finished with the website and the Client is happy with it all, I get to work on the funnel…

I’ll test a few ads and a few opt-in pages til I get some solid conversion rates and a clear idea of the number of leads I can supply.

Then I’ll offer the Client a package of about half the leads I know I can supply… so I always over-deliver … usually for about 3-4 times what they’re costing me, just in case my costs go up.

Most jump at it, but a few times when they haven’t it’s only taken one or two more calls to find a buyer.

Getting Up An Running Yourself

First of all, be warned there are a lot of over-rated and over-priced ‘funnel builders‘ on the market. They are hosted solutions so you pay by the month, for something you can do yourself for a fraction of the cost.

It ties you to their platform (monthly subscription) and most will only let you collect emails with one of their ‘partner’ email marketing services (another monthly subscription)… and really limits your options in the long run.

Instead you can do everything you need with a WordPress website and the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. That’s a simple drag and drop builder, so with a little practice you’ll soon be making your own pages in minutes.

You can then set your form to either email you the leads… and you forward those on to the business owner every morning… or send them directly to your buyer. (Hands-free for you!)

Your Facebook Ads will probably take a bit more time to get right.

You’ll need a Business Page to connect to the ads, so you can set one up for your Local Business Services business… and use that for ALL your local leads ads.

That will actually advertise you business as well, so you can actually find new leads clients while you’re generating leads for a different client. Talk about win-win!

The Ads themselves need a great Cover Graphic, an attention-grabbing Headline and a strong Call To Action… You can use Facebook Ads to instantly promote ‘anything’ to a highly targeted audience, so this is extremely valuable training… keep an eye out!

So can you see this being a useful business model?

Multiple recurring income streams that you can pretty much set up and forget about?

Personally I think we saved the best for last!

OK, that is the end of the series for now, but there’s a few final thoughts on the page below, plus some useful resources and a few freebies… so check that out before you go…

The Best Business Model For You?