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Can you do the configuration for me… I’ll pay!

We’ve been getting this one a bit lately, but unfortunately it’s not an option.

Basically we’d still be working through the same steps that are in the Config Wizard, except we’d have to ask you (repeatedly) for the exact same info, so we can put it all in the exact same places.

So it would create a whole lot more work for both of us and take a whole lot longer. And when we’re done, you’d have no real understanding of how it all fits together…

The best option is for you to just go back to the start and check off each step, one at a time, slow and steady, until you get there.

Make lots of notes in your own words for each step: what you did, why you did it, anything you might want to update or edit later.

Then if you get stuck or confused, just back-track a few steps to a point where you were on top of it, and start again from there, checking you work etc.

The good news is, it’s 95% set and forget, so you can afford to take your time and get it right.

And by doing it yourself, you’ll get a better feel for the overall system and how you can adapt it to your specific needs.

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