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Issues Uploading Images

AdBoard Owners have the option to add images to their own AdCards via their admin Dashboard. This makes it a lot easier/faster in some ways… especially if you’re creating a lot of your own Ads… but can get a bit confusing if you miss a step.

First you need to ‘Enable Images’ on the actual AdCard.

You can view all AdCardz on all your AdBoards, via the View Ad Cards button on your dashboard. Open the AdCard in the editor and check the box to Allow An Image. Remember to Save Your Changes.

Go back to your Dashboard and click on the Image Manager button…

Across the top of the page section you’ll see 5 headings…Profile Image, Hero Images, Social Images, Banners and AdCard Images.

Make sure you select the right tab or else your image will be uploaded as the wrong type and won’t appear where you want it. This is the most common issue people have uploading images.

Once you’re on the right tab, just select the image and upload. It will appear in the AdCard immediately… or in any other selected position, as long as it is the correct size and format.

Each image type has specific requirements… please check those carefully and ensure you’re using the correct image formats, as that is the next most common cause of problems.

The final issue is caused by caching. This is where your web browser stores files… like images… so it can reload them quickly, without having to download the file again. We also use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to add an extra layer of caching to that, to speed things up even further.

It’s great for keeping our website loading quickly, but does mean if you change an image, you might continue to see the old one for a while.

We’ve got a bit of a work-around in place to force the reload for some browsers, but it’s not perfect. So the easy option is usually o check it on another computer or even on your phone, or else just check back later.


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