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How much should I charge for the Add-Ons?

We’ve deliberately left this up to you, so you can choose a pricing structure that suits your market… how many people want to advertise, how many are going to see the ads, and what sort of value your advertisers will get from that exposure.

We’ve mostly tested with low-cost high-volume structures so far and had very good responses. We’ll be testing some more exclusive AdBoards shortly… where we charge more, lower the Required Points threshold and spend a portion of the Ad sales on promoting the AdBoard. We’ll let you know how that goes.

However you approach it, the one thing that is abundantly clear is, people are more likely to invest in Add-ons if your AdBoard is clearly busy and popular.

So you want lots of traffic passing through it to generate lots of Views and Clicks, lots of new AdCards, and more upgraded Ads. This demonstrates to new Advertisers that the system works and the small one time investment for an add-on or two, will be worth it.

To that end, make sure you use some of the Add-ons in your own Ads and promote each new Ad you set up individually, to really kickstart the viral effect.

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