Your Viral Traffic Page

Just a reminder for anyone who missed the original announcement…

Your Viral Traffic Page is a bonus feature we added shortly after our launch that you’ll want to set up ASAP. You can find a link on the bonuses page, or on the main dashboard.

It’s a special page we’ve created that will show one of your website screenshots or thumbnails each time it’s viewed, plus it has info and links to generate leads and sales for you on EzClix, plus it’ll get you traffic and signups on a number of top viral traffic sites. All from one page.

Better yet, if you set it up, we’ll send the traffic!

And we’ll keep sending traffic until you get two EzClix referrals through your page.

Right now most people haven’t done this, so a handful of members are getting all the traffic.

Please check it out in the Members Area next time you login, and set it up whern you get the chance. There are a few steps, so take your time and get it right, because it will be worth it!

If you have done it, make sure you completed the process by ‘Activating’ it… ie. make sure you click the button in the last tab to turn on the traffic! It looks like a few people are missing that step!

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